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[Date : 2014-04-01 14:39:42 ]   
NABIS Cycle 1 - Reflections from Trainers and Students

[Responses from NABIS Trainers]

- All NABIS Trainers coming from 8 NABIS companies did not have encountering or lecturing experiences to university students before, only to their internal employees in audits and trainings.

- They feel worthwhile to participate in NABIS to know levels and interests of young future business leaders.

- They were pleased to know levels and interests of university students towards business integrity are higher than they expected.

- Quote of from a KEPCO trainer, Ms. Han, Jin-Hee, Manager (Chajang) of audit

“Always, I think that there is limitation of anti-corruption education, which is usually done after people start to work in a company. I have always thought that business ethics training to improve sense of business integrity should be started from university students. It was meaningful to participate in NABIS to have a chance to meet and engage with university students with in-depth level of integrity spirit exchange surroundings.” KEPCO is the 1st ranked Stated Owned Enterprise among all governmental organizations in 2011, assessed by ACRC (Anti-corruption and civil rights commission)

[Responses from NABIS Students]

- They said it was a wonderful chance to meet directly with managers from legal, compliance, sustainability and business ethics from renowned companies.

- They thought Business Ethics and Compliance were difficult but found interesting to consider.

- They realized gap between theory and actual implementation of practices by finding dilemma situations to gauge profit and business integrity.

- They think importance of business integrity for long term and sustainable business growth (esp. from Siemens and POSCO cases).

- Other quotes

- I was impressed by enthusiasm, difficulty, deliberation and trials & errors of business managers, finding a good solution between profit and business integrity

- To me, business integrity was vague but I learned in details from actual cases

- I have suspicion that activities of business ethics of South Korean business community are superficial echoes but I learned business have considered seriously for a long time

- I did not feel close towards business integrity but realized that it is essential for business success

- I feel proud as one of NABIS Cycle 1 finalists.

- It was the first time to encounter business integrity but I started to feel much interests from now on

- All business have commonality of business ethics but I feel much difference according to sectors, internal and external environments

- I learned business ethics at school in the Business Ethics course. All cases were old, almost more than 10 years ago. But NABIS offered up to date dilemma cases. I feel my duty to be a global talent to success both in business and integrity

- I realized business ethics and compliance are not things in the future but realities at present. I appreciated long time efforts of corporations to achieve them. I only know “Efficiency” and “Productivity” but unfamiliar to business integrity. I will make my NABIS experience as a chance to form my attitude towards integrity

- NABIS class allowed me to think business integrity as one of company organization’s members, not as just a student to learn theories. I learned it is important to explore solutions feasible in reality

- It was good to have discussion time among my team and teamwork. NABIS class dealt sophisticated and professional contents really.

- All nights throughout NABIS class camp, I learned that each student have different and diverse thoughts about business integrity. Good to learn company cases in diverse sectors. I was able to find commonalities and differences. It helps me to set up my philosophy towards business integrity. I want to share more experiences in NABIS community in the future

- It was unusual experience. This will become the first trigger to nurture my interests in business ethics and compliance

- All students were excellent. I think them as my benchmarking models.

- It was a good chance to meet YLC and EIC members together in one place

- It was good to listen from NABIS trainers in person and ask questions directly, such a rare chance. It was helpful to set up my sense of standards towards business integrity

- Much appreciation to all professors and NABIS steering committee members. Mixture of NABIS 8 composition was great to include private, public and multinational companies. It was helpful to prepare entering business world after graduation. I thought about “Business ethics and integrity? We can skip that sometimes. We have to sacrifice them to increase profits, just regarding risks or hurdles to go over. ” But I changed my mind towards the right way. All NABIS student enrolment was voluntary and I found their level of interests and enthusiasm were beyond my expectation.

- The level of lectures by NABIS trainers were excellent

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