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[Date : 2014-04-01 15:23:39 ]   
Siemens will fund close to KRW 1 billion for the NABIS project in the next 3 years

 Siemens and FKI-IMI Initiate Business Integrity Program

- Siemens will fund close to KRW 1 billion for the NABIS project in the next 3 years

 (Seoul – April 21, 2011) A global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics with innovative environmental technology and transparent business management, Siemens Ltd. Seoul (SLS) (Josef Meilinger, President and CEO, conducted an Integrity Initiative Signing Ceremony with the FKI-IMI (Federation of Korean Industries-International Management Institute) with the presence of Byung-Chul Jung, Vice Chairman of the FKI-IMI, Josef Winter, Chief Compliance Officer of Siemens AG, Dr. Klaus Moosmayer, the Chief Counsel Compliance of Siemens AG and Josef Meilinger, President and CEO of Siemens Ltd. Seoul at FKI’s KT building, located in Seoul yesterday. Siemens will fund in total close to KRW 1 billion for the NABIS ( Northeast Asia Business Integrity School ) program in for the duration of three years starting this April while the FKI-IMI is responsible for overseeing the program.

 The NABIS project is one of various anti-corruption projects being financed by Siemens AG under the Siemens Integrity Initiative. The Siemens Integrity Initiative was developed as a part of the World Bank-Siemens AG comprehensive settlement that was agreed upon on July 2, 2009. The initiative, which aims to promote integrity and fair competition around the world, has been and will continue to distribute funds totaling USD 100 million over a period of 15 years to nonprofit organizations that promote business integrity and fight corruption.

 The NABIS is a training project designed 1) to educate university students by nurturing their self leadership for business integrity, 2) to identify current business leaders and good practices in business ethics and 3) to enhance solidarity in order to foster fair market conditions in . Professionals from Korean companies and the Korean subsidiaries of foreign companies operating in will teach NABIS students based on the specially developed NABIS curriculum, which includes case studies regarding anti-corruption efforts made by their own companies.

 NABIS aims to influence behavioral changes by teaching the importance of business integrity in the free market and trade systems as well as build a mutual learning and supportive community among NABIS students and teachers. Other NABIS activities include teachers training, workshop sessions, scholarship & graduation ceremonies, as well as CEO forums and outreach activities designed to persuade business schools and universities to include anti-corruption case studies in their curriculums.

 “At Siemens, we believe that only clean business is Siemens business and that this is the only way to good and sustainable business,” said Josef Winter, Chief Compliance Officer of Siemens AG. He also added, “This is only our first step to strengthening the will to combat against corruption worldwide including and we hope to continue our efforts in all measures possible to improve conditions for everyone.”

 Byung-Chul, Jung, Vice Chairman of the FKI said, “The education and cultivation of current and future business leaders have always been one of the core focuses of our organization. As the business integrity in the global environment is getting more and more important, we hope the NABIS can contribute to a more transparent business environment in .”

 Siemens AG

 Siemens (Berlin and Munich), the global powerhouse in electrical engineering and electronics, provides the newest products, solutions and services through its innovative technologies in areas of industry, energy and healthcare. Siemens has grown to around 405,000 employees in over 190 countries since its foundation in 1847. The company has been focusing on transparent management and social contributions as a good corporate citizen, as well as making research efforts into environmental caring technologies. 

 Since its foundation in the 1960s, Siemens Ltd. Seoul has been taking the initiative in providing various business cooperation efforts, active investments and developments based on their superior technology and global experience, in order to create positive ties with Korean industries. Further information is available at


 International Management Institution, (IMI) is a corporate educational institute aimed at foresting global competence among company employees and businessmen. IMI was established as one of the divisions of the Federation of the Korean Industries (FKI) in 1979 and then separated from the FKI in 1998. 

 One of the most representative programs in IMI is Global Advanced Management Program (GAMP) which has more than 3,000 graduates who are CEOs and executives of Korean and global corporations in 32 years history. 

 IMI has been taking a leading role to develop business management skill for Korean companies as well as forest global competence for Korean businessmen and employees with various programs such as business fora which are New Year’s Forum and Jeju Summer Forum, and professional education programs in Marketing, Finance, and Strategy and so forth. Recently IMI has been more focusing on educating the principle of the free market and trade system for the young generation and opinion leaders on the purpose of improvement of Korean competiveness. For further information, please visit

For further information please contact:

Siemens Ltd. Seoul

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Seungyoun Lee (Tel. 3450-7701 /

News Communications

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